More Details on Music Licensing

Music tracks for all of the songs on this site (except where noted), with or without backing vocals, are available to be licensed for your recording project.

If you want to record any of these songs for a project you plan to sell you'll need a mechanical license.

If you want to license one of these tracks and add your vocal to it you may license the track from us, with or without vocals, for $150. The advantage of doing this is that you'll have music tracks for your project played by top Nashville session players for a fraction of the cost. If you plan on selling your recording (either CDs or downloads) you'll also need a mechanical license. More info on this is below.

Contact us if you want a mechanical license or want to license a track, or just need more information. For more detailed information on music and song licensing please see this page on

You don't need a license from us if you want to cover any of these songs live or record it for  an artist demo you won't be selling, but we'd love to know if you are doing that.


Contact us about whether you need a mechanical license or a music license for a song or songs, or both. We'll send you a PayPal invoice.


Package Pricing 

We're happy to quote you a package price if you want to license more than two song tracks. Typically we offer a 10% discount.



Once we've received your payment we will email you an mp3 of the track(s). Usually we can get an mp3 of your track(s) to you within three days of your order. 

If you would like wav files, or if you would also like your track(s) sent to you on a CD we're happy to do that, just let us know. Some licensees want all the individual tracks for a song so they can add a vocal and remix them. We can do that with most of our songs for an additional fee of $50 per song. We use dropbox to transfer larger files.


More Information About Track Licensing and Mechanical Licensing

You may license any of the music tracks we offer from the Zanna Discs catalogue. That means you can purchase the music track, with or without back-up vocals, for your own use. You can add your own vocal at a recording studio, mix it and have a fully produced version of the song. 

An artist demo is a recording you will use to promote yourself as a singer to managers, record labels, etc. It is not something you sell. If you wish to license tracks for a CD that you will be selling you must also obtain a mechanical license for each song. A songwriter of any given song currently receives 9.1 cents for every copy sold of a recording that includes his or her song. Typically indie artists or their representatives pay for a mechanical license for the first 1000 CDs that are manufactured. 1000 x 9.1 cents = $91. When you purchase a mechanical license for $91 you are pre-paying the songwriter his or her mechanical payment. If you sell more than 1000 CDs you must then pay the songwriter 9.1 cents for each additional copy sold. Since some indie artists think they won't sell 1000 CDs we sometimes offer mechanical licenses for 500 CDs for $46.

If you want to record one of our songs from scratch you are free to do so--once a song has been recorded and released anyone else is free to record it. But if you sell what you record you must obtain a mechanical license for each song. 

Normally artists must purchase a separate mechanical license for physical CDs and digital downloads, but we can work with you on this and include digital downloads as part of one mechanical license. Contact us if you have any questions.